Ways to Save on Cable TV Deals

Wondering what to do if you love your cable TV subscription but do not want to pay a hefty amount in monthly bills? Luckily, there are a variety of methods to lower your cable TV bill without compromising on your favorite TV shows.

At least once in your lifetime, you must have heard someone asking, “Which are the most affordable cable services near me?” Saving money on cable TV deals may call for some tech-savvy skills, an eye to know what is happening in the television industry, and the endurance to check out several service providers to finally decide the one that is perfect for your requirements and budget.

From negotiating like a professional to complementing with other services, read on to learn how to save on cable TV deals.

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Ways to Save on Cable TV Deals. 1

Cut back on the Premium Networks. 1

Scale Back on Cable Boxes. 1

Concentrate on the Fees. 2

Refuse to Accept the DVR. 2

Trim Your Current Package. 2

Combine Cable with Internet. 2

Negotiate or Ask for Discount. 2

Go For Cheaper Cable. 2

Bottom Line. 2

Cut back on the Premium Networks

We understand how tough it is to bid farewell to HBO, but doing so can save you up to $20 or more on your cable bills with certain providers. By giving up Showtime, you could shave off another $5 – $15 every month.

Goodbyes do not necessarily mean a lifetime, though. If you cannot survive without Homeland or Game of Thrones, get rid of the channel after the season finale.

Scale Back on Cable Boxes

Apart from premium channels, you also need to focus on other additional costs that you can pare down.  Additional cable boxes can cost you somewhere from $3 to $12 every month. Maybe your bedroom looks better without all the extra equipment.

Concentrate on the Fees

If you have subscribed to a good cable TV deal like Spectrum cable packages, simply reach out to your provider’s customer service and enquire regarding each fee mentioned on your monthly cable bill. From there, you will learn which fees are avoidable and which are not. Remember, you always have the option to sidestep features like HD technology by altering your overall plan.

Refuse to Accept the DVR

If you have missed your favorite show, you can always catch it later on-demand the following day. Even your local news broadcasts survive mainly through the stations’ websites. We would suggest you trade in your DVR for a basic digital receiver and shave off $10 from your monthly cable TV bill.

Trim Your Current Package

Most of us watch only 20 – 25 channels, but subscribe to deals with more than 200 channels. By downsizing your cable package to add only your must-haves can cut down your monthly bills by up to $40 with specific providers — and you would not even miss all the additional channels.

Combine Cable with Internet

Some providers offer amazing bundling deals. You can save over $1000 in a couple of years by bundling your cable and internet service together.

Just do not fall for the features you don’t need. For example, you don’t need a premium cable deal when all you watch is local channels or use the high speed internet to watch Amazon prime only. Such deals might be suitable for other people, but if you are looking to save on your monthly bills – stay away from them.

Negotiate or Ask for Discount

Do not hesitate to haggle with your service provider. Instead, always ask for their ongoing discounts for both new and existing customers. You may be able to bargain a better deal by discussing your concerns with customer service. representative.

Go For Cheaper Cable

Finally, always take out some minutes to analyze your cable TV usage. You would be surprised to know about the things you have been paying for but never really utilized to the maximum.

If we talk specifically, packages comprising of huge channel counts can increase your monthly bills by a major proportion. If you realize that you are paying for speeds or channels you do not need or want anymore, get rid of them. They are just a waste of your hard-earned money.

Bottom Line

If you are sitting idly and hoping that a magic wand will dramatically lower your cable bills, then know that your monthly cable TV bills are not going to automatically get any cheaper in the future. In fact, you might experience an increase in their prices by $5, $10, or $15 without even getting any prior notification. These little price hikes can badly affect your planned monthly budget. But, with our tried and tested tips to save on cable TV deals, you cannot just trim additional costs, but monitor and control your monthly bill as well.

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