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Some Biggest Myths About WordPress Development Services


Web-based technologies have come in when there’s a huge demand for web development. Such tools and technologies have the ability to make the web development process easier and faster as they bring a lot of benefits for the developers as well as website owners. This is also a benefit derived from WordPress development services. With a considerable market share, WordPress brings a lot to web development.

WordPress stands out as the most eminent content management system globally.  It seeks to integrate some of its advanced features in most website development processes. Therefore, top WordPress development services that build online sites utilize WordPress to build flexible and scalable solutions for seamless website operations.

Myths About WordPress Development Services

Despite the vast benefits associated with WordPress development services, there is no shortage of myths that are significantly affecting its utilization. Fortunately, none of them holds true as those using WordPress development services still benefit from countless plugins and add-on features provided by the platform.

Below are some of the myths and our opinion on why you shouldn’t believe in the myths related to WordPress website development.

WordPress is Only Meant for Bloggers

This is a common myth that’s far from the truth. However, back when WordPress was first introduced, it was a common platform for blogging. This has changed since years now as WordPress development services are now being utilized in content management.

WordPress development services are robust and can also be used in building a website of any size. WordPress fully powers more than 30 percent of the websites available on the internet, with less of them being blog sites.

WordPress Offers Less Support for e-commerce

This is another myth that you’ve probably heard about. Most people tend to believe the myth simply because WordPress does not come with a shopping cart feature by default. However, the multiple WordPress plugins available ensure that you can add the e-commerce functionality on this platform.

The most popular plugin is Woocommerce, which powers lots of e-commerce websites on the internet. Woocommerce plugin also allows customization to meet every need.

WordPress is Insecure

We can still argue that no website is entirely secure from hackers. However, we are not in any support of this myth. WordPress security has been proven to be extremely strong.

Being one of the most popular platforms, it’s only natural cyber-attacks will be coming their way. Therefore, keeping your WordPress website safe also requires you to follow the same tips used to maintain website security.

WordPress is Only Meant for Smaller Sites

Perhaps this is one of the myths that has been widely believed. The fact is, WordPress is a popular and easily accessible platform for use. This means it’s easily used by most first-time wordpress website developers who have little experience scaling up.

Therefore, this makes it easy for people to say it’s a platform for modest websites. This is an outright deception as WordPress is capable of hosting even the largest websites. The mere fact that it’s simple to use is because it’s designed to work that way.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is a popular platform that is rapidly growing as an ideal option for website development. It’s only natural that people will come up with all sorts of misconceptions to discredit its credibility.

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