What Should Be the First: App or Website Development

 “What should be the first: Application or website development?” The answer to this question depends on a few things:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your company goal?
  • On what platforms does your application need to run?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your budget?

All of these questions need to be answered before you can decide if it’s best to develop an app. Let’s take a brief look at some of the notable benefits, and some of the drawbacks, in developing either an app or a website

Benefits of Website Development

  1. Users should be able to access information on a variety of devices.
  2. Updates are simple.
  3. Improved Search Engine Discovery
  4. Development at a Low Cost
  5. Faster time to access the Market

Website Development’s Drawbacks

  1. Access to Mobile Device Features is Limited
  2. Many screens to account for, thus you can’t rely on 1 design
  3. There is no offline availability

Application Development’s Advantages

  1. Performance and Speed
  2. Sending Push Notifications is now possible.
  3. User Experience Enhancement
  4. Online and Offline Access
  5. Opportunities for Promotion

The Drawbacks of App Development

  1. Huge Costs
  2. Maintenance Costs
  3. Approvals on the App Store can take a long time.
  4. Requires a download

Let’s talk about the application first. Some people think it’s more useful than the website, but the truth is you only really need the app because you don’t have a website (yet). When you launch your business you should focus on building quality content that leads directly to conversions and try to get as much value out of the app as possible. Some people think the more features you have the better but that can get tough when deciding between features. Try funnel testing to see which features convert best for you and then base your decisions on that.

What’s Next

So you’ve decided you want to build an application or build a website for your business. Great! Now that you’re in the planning stages, it’s time to figure out which tools will be best for you. Application dev. is an overwhelming endeavor. Each new development requires time, creativity, and energy. You could easily spend more time working on your application than on your other projects. To help make the right decision for you, here are some numbers: The average iOS application launches in the top 3 downloads in the app store for 6 days. The average desktop website receives over 5 million hits per day. The top 10 applications in the Mac App Store alone gross over $100 million dollars each year!

How to find the best developers with a personal approach to every business

When starting a business, it is important to find the best developers with a personal approach to your business. Some business owners think that the only way to find good developers is by going to job boards or forums where job hunters normally talk about their experiences. This is probably the fastest way to find developers who are looking for work but don’t want to be posted on job boards. It’s also possible to find developers through personal connections, but this approach requires some time and research.

If you want to develop your website/application professionally but don’t have the skills, or if you are looking for programmers with certain skills but not necessarily technical, hiring WebSpaceTeam is the way to go. With the high demand for freelance web developers, many businesses find themselves in need of help creating or maintaining their websites. Webspace provides the best developers with affordable rates and flawless services, all including the cost of tools and machines needed to develop web applications.

The Conclusion – Website first or mobile app?

Your decision comes down to the strength of your belief in the value of your project. If you feel passionate about building your own website or mobile app, then it stands to reason that building a website or mobile app would be lower on your list of priorities. The reason is that you have faith in the value of the project itself, not in some outside factor or service. If you want to be involved in something that you believe in, and that’s a purposeful pursuit that others benefit from as well, then there’s little reason not to head down this road. More than likely there will be numerous downsides to doing so. But if you are willing to take the chance that some are willing to take for example website first is always better when it comes to conversion rates. Mobile app dev. enhances usability overall and can give you additional value for money. You should always consider app dev. when evaluating the cost of a website build. With proper optimization and design, an app can outclass any website and become more popular with every update.

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