What are the Best Features to Look for in the Floor-standing Speakers?

Floorstanding speakers or tower speakers offer the best performance for an individual’s investment. These speakers stand or sit directly on the floor, unlike bookshelf speakers. But not all floor-standing speakers can provide the best sound experience. Several brands will vary according to the features of the speakers, including size, bass response, finish, aesthetics, midrange sound, and build quality. How to choose the best floor-standing speaker? This article enlists the best features an individual should look for to select high-quality floor-standing speakers.

  • Size of the Floorstanding Speaker

Yes, size is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing tower speakers. Larger drives allow speakers to create better detail and clarity. Therefore, a person should look for more giant cones to maximize performance. More extensive speaker cabinets allow the speakers to move more air and create a better bass response. Moreover, speakers with more significant drivers and a larger cabinet can better handle a full range of frequencies. In addition, don’t forget to measure the space before confirming the size of the floor-standing speakers.

  • Bass Response

Investing in more prominent floor-standing speakers can allow individuals to enjoy the increased bass output. While bass response goes hand in hand with the speaker’s size, it’s not always the case. Multiple factors, including the bass drivers, ports and their placement, etc., can make a huge difference. Good bass from the floor-standing speakers can allow the individual to go without a subwoofer.

  • Build the Quality of the Speaker

The old ‘knock test’ is still one of the most effective ways to measure a speaker; knock on the speaker’s cabinet and listen to the sound. If the speaker sounds hollow, consider moving to the next one. And if a person doesn’t hear much, it’s a good sign. It means that the floor-standing speaker’s cabinet eliminates excess reverberations produced in the cabinet. As a driver moves back and forth, sound waves will also move back into the cabinet, and a good, build-quality floor-standing speaker will prevent those waves from affecting the sound.

  • Midrange Sound

One of the essential features to consider when shopping for a floor-standing speaker is the midrange sound. Most music and voices are reproduced in the midrange. Remember that each brand will have its unique flavor, and most have pioneered in-house technologies for creating the best possible midrange.

  • Finish and Aesthetics

Floor-standing speakers also act as a vital part of the décor in the room. So, one should choose something that goes well with the room’s interior. Most brands offer black-colored speakers, but a buyer can also find walnut, satin, gloss white, or wood-finished speakers. People should consider how the color of floor-standing speakers can complement their home’s walls, furniture, and trim.


Considering these five features is crucial when shopping for floor-standing speakers. Once an individual evaluates all these characteristics, he will be in an excellent position to weigh the pros and pick the perfect speakers. In addition, when a person purchases the tower speakers, he should consider where he’ll place them in the room, as his room will have the final say in how these speakers perform.



Deno Max
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