Top 3 Messengers Available on Android

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  • Top 3 Messengers Available on Android
  • Facebook Messenger App
  • WhatsApp
  • Band Messenger App
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In this rapidly evolving world, the traditional methods to send text messages are slowly, but definitely, changing. We have come a long way from SMS and MMS to messenger apps that require reliable and fast network connections like Metronet internet services.

This transition did not happen overnight; It was initiated years ago with applications like AOL Instant Messaging advanced into a lot of options and all performed really well. However, thee growth exploded over the past couple of years. In simple words, today, you have more choices than you will ever require.

With a plethora of brilliant apps available, it often gets confusing to decide the best one. But, do not worry, we have got you covered! Here is a list covering the top 3 messengers available on Android.

So, let’s dig in!

Facebook Messenger App

One of the most famous messenger apps worldwide, Facebook Messenger offers two kinds of chat applications – regular and LTE. The first one comes with a wide variety of features, including chat heads, stickers, etc. While the latter only includes basic chat options without any fancy aspects.

If you have enough space on your smartphone, then you can go with the regular application. On the other hand, if you are not heavily interested in the extra frills, choose the LTE version – simpler and lighter. Both chat apps are free to use, but with time Facebook is including ads as well.

In the year 2018, Facebook encountered some serious security problems. No one could think of a social network platform becoming insignificant because of this reason. However, it still has more than 2.7 billion active users on monthly basis.


Who has not heard of WhatsApp? Probably no one!

It is one of the most commonly used and highest-rated apps in the world and users are not restricted to any specific age group. It offers undoubtedly some of the best features like video and voice chats, group chats, secure encrypted conversation, text messages, GIFs, document sharing, etc.

Its developers also keep sending frequent updates that help it in strongly competing and leading among all other alternatives. Anyone can easily use it. WhatsApp is free to use, you only have to register using your contact number. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements. So, you can enjoy the fast and powerful app without any distractions.

Band Messenger App

An up-and-coming group chats app, Band allows you to make as many groups as you want to and send out invites to people you want to be included in the group. If you are a part of any gaming clan, sports team, school group, work team, etc., then this may be a perfect app for you.

All group members can join the group, initiate group discussion, and enjoy themselves. The app offers some decent features. Like Slack and Discord, Band also allows you to arrange your groups into numerous channels. You may send direct messages to everyone and include calendar events for group happenings. The good news is that it is absolutely free to use!

Bottom Line

We have shared our list of the top 3 messenger apps that you must download on your Android devices. Just remember that the best messenger app is the one for which you can persuade all your friends and family members to install and use it daily. The odds are that you may get addicted to all of these apps. Good luck!

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