The Importance of a Smart Water Leak Detector

Last year, there was chatter that the infrastructure across the US is slowly falling apart, particularly, water pipes. Water leaks are a serious problem and they leak by the thousands each year, and apparently, it’s only getting worse with time.

When you leave home for the day, it’s perfectly natural to think that everything’s going to be in the same order as they were in the morning. However, this isn’t always the case for some homeowners.

Certain homeowners end up finding an area of their house flooded, simply because there was a water leak from the washing machine, hot water tank, or just a bathroom fixture. In fact, if the water leak had continued for several hours before anyone got home, you can expect a disaster.

Moreover, washing machines, showers, toilets, and other necessities in your house can wear down if there are continuous water leaks. You may not notice this every time there’s a leak, but with time they will go bad if this issue is not addressed on time.

Now, this is where water leak detectors come in because if they can’t be found, the problem can’t be fixed. Here are some reasons why it’s so important to have a water leak detector in your house.

Water Safety

We often assume that having a constant water supply is the most important thing in a household. No doubt it is, but what’s even more important is knowing the fact that the water supply is safe for all household members.

If your water supply pipes seem to be leaking, one reason behind it could be that perhaps that the contaminant is seeping into the water you’re drinking or using for many other household purposes.

In fact, if the wastewater pipes start leaking, there’s a high possibility of it contaminating the entire house. Professional smart water leak detectors from Ohio Edison FirstEnergy can give you peace of mind.

Water leak detectors alert you the moment it senses a water leak, and today’s smart ones will send an alert to your smartphone, no matter where you are. This way you can contact the plumbing services on time and have the problem resolved before the contamination begins.

Water Bills Costs

Water bills are one of the highest household expenditures, and they also depend on the number of people living in the house. That being said, water bills also increase whenever there’s a water leak.

That’s why it’s so important to know that the water you’re paying for isn’t going to waste. Smart water leak detectors are designed to provide homeowners with maximum protection against any form of water leaks.

These detectors will help you save money n the long run. Because if the leak goes undetected for a longer period, you can expect to fork out more money for damage control. A water leak detector allows you to take a quick detection and will stop water from the main supply so that the leak halts.

Damage to Other Property

It’s important to know that water leaks have the ability to do more than just wasting water. With time, water learn can cause a significant amount of damage to the foundation of your house as water seeps through.

Moreover, it also increases moisture in areas around the water leak, and further, encourages the growth of infestations. All these problems can easily cost you hundreds of dollars, or also cause damage to your neighbors, especially if you’re living in an apartment or condo.

However, smart water leak detectors have small leak/moisture sensors that detect any form of leakage or moisture and also send you real-time updates. These smart devices run on batteries, hence you can place them in areas that are more likely to have a water leak, such as water-bearing fixtures, behind and under pipes, or sump pumps.

There are smart water leak detectors that allow you to set a limit on the amount of water before you get alerted or the alarm is triggered. This will prevent the smallest of spills to be looked upon at the earliest time.

Costs of Delay

One of the main problems that result from not detecting a water leak early, is that the consequences are likely to be quite expensive later on. Because in all honesty, even a limited amount of water leak can grow if left undetected.

Smart water leak detectors alert homeowners about water damage that can cause a great amount of damage. These detectors also have a 24/7 monitoring feature that keeps you updated on the water situation at home, and even alerts the relevant services if the water leak limit exceeds.


A water leak detector safeguards your house by detecting and further stopping any unusual levels of water flow. There are many smart water leak detectors in the market and some really affordable ones.

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