ShowMyMap Will Guide You To All Your Places

With the pandemic in mind and all the lockdowns that were going on, it is hard enough even to remember regular routes. You may have had a particular route in mind while traveling, but things are so changed now that the route is no longer there. Or, it is such that you had taken a wrong route and now don’t know your way back. This is what  is there for.

It is a smart application, like all other map applications, that helps you redirect to the right route and help you reach your destination faster.

But What Is ShowMyMap?

As mentioned, ShowMyMap is a software application. A smart application that allows one to perform various tasks with maps. One can even embed their map into it and present them to complete your presentation with understanding tips.

It has various features in-built into it. You can even copy and paste a map from one website into this application. One can even access the mobile app, having all the necessary features in-built in the smaller device.

What Makes ShowMyMap Different?

The various features available are one definite plus of this website/application. The maps that are shown in this application can be entirely customized according to your needs. This would help you understand the maps better, and for presentation purposes, help the audience understand better as well.

You can also have a customized view of the map. When viewing, you can choose the contents to be hidden and the contents to be shared separately. This makes your work easier as you wouldn’t have to re-design the map to your convenience.

One doesn’t need to know complex coding and excellent computer language knowledge to use  . It is simple to use, even simple to embed maps. You don’t have to worry about errors either as it is powered by Google technology.

How To Embed A Map?

The word ’embedding’ is what makes it sound complicated. But in reality, it is anything but that. This application is one of the simplest to use and does not require any external knowledge. Only the basic information about operating MS Excel or other similar spreadsheets.

One will have to fill in the location in a spreadsheet. Copy the entered data and paste it into the location data box of the application’s homepage. Click ‘generate map’ to generate your map. Make sure to save it. It would be saved in .html file format.

The format that is saved would allow you to embed them into any website. Also, ensure to send a copy of the same to your mail address. This option is available within the application. This is to prevent misplacement of the required data and easy accessibility to it.

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