Renting A Laser Tracker Vs. Hiring Laser Tracker Team: Which Is Better?

Deciding to rent a laser tracker or hire a laser tracker team can be tricky because both of them have their own pros and cons. But before you go ahead and make that decision, keep on reading this article as we discuss these two options in detail.

Here are areas you need to pay attention to when deciding whether to rent a laser tracker or hire a laser tracker team for your business.

Let’s begin!

  • Quality of work

Even if renting laser tracker equipment is highly expensive, buying a laser tracker will undoubtedly cost far more. The difference between renting a laser tracker once and hiring a laser tracker professional is that the latter will bring years of knowledge and be able to lead the project as it develops.

You just receive the equipment when you hire a laser tracker and you have to fully comprehend the capabilities of this very sophisticated piece of equipment. Since there is such a huge knowledge gap for new laser tracker customers, the ramp-up time could very easily extend the renting period by additional days as you attempt to comprehend the procedure.

  • Cost

Renting a laser tracker can cost up to thousands of dollars per day. Although renting a laser tracker is quite expensive in and of itself, there are extra costs for the attachments and software required to use it for measurement and alignment. Many individuals are unaware that operators must employ prisms and other equipment in addition to the laser tracker to physically measure anything.

Hiring a qualified laser tracker team to make the alignment and measurements cost money too. The number of techs needed to finish the project determines the actual cost of hiring a service firm. Naturally, smaller jobs will be less expensive than larger, more difficult jobs.

Overall, it can be challenging to compare the costs of hiring vs. renting because there are many factors that cannot be compared in this hypothetical case. Let’s switch to a different comparison demonstrating the obvious contrasts between renting and employing.

  • Return to on investment

A piece of equipment is rented for a specific period as a one-time investment. Most of the time, renting a laser tracker is less expensive than engaging a service provider. Renting vs. employing, though, offers a significantly different return on investment. You must invest time and effort in learning to operate a laser tracker and carry out the real measurements when you rent a laser tracker.

You gain greater value for your money when you hire a service provider to perform the measurement services because you’re not only paying for work of a higher caliber, but you’re also bringing significant resources to your team. The time-honored expertise laser tracker teams can offer outweighs the money saved by renting a laser tracker by a significant margin. Money spent on human energy always yields greater returns than money spent on technology, which can only make things more difficult.

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