Knowing All About Microbilt’s Skip Tracing Suite!

Creditors, lenders, and businesses often have to find whereabouts of debtors and individuals, who are not traceable through standard means of communication. In some cases, the debtor may have genuinely changed their address, but in other cases, people intentionally avoid calls, emails and letters, because they don’t want to pay debts or get found. This is when skip tracing comes in handy. Skip tracing refers to tactics that are used to trace a person, who has ‘skipped’ or left town. Today, there are companies that offer software and tools for easing the process of skip tracing. Microbilt’s skip tracing software is among the best suites available, and in this post, we are reviewing the best ones.

The entire suite for skip tracing needs

When it comes to skip tracing, professionals have to rely on publicly available information, including job applications, details from credit card bureaus, loan applications, and telephone records. Microbilt has a list of products that also relies on data that’s proprietary to the company and can be useful in finding details of an individual that are not available easily. Microbilt’s best comprehensive product is called Super Phone, which has been designed to find contact details and addresses of a person. People Search from the company is a genuine first-stage skip tracing tool, which can be used to find details like addresses and numbers, while they also have an advanced and flexible address-tracing tool called Address Search. Enhanced People Search is a known product from Microbilt that helps in finding critical identity information, including high-risk profiles.

Why use skip tracing tools?

The process of skip tracing follows a set of steps, and with tools that are meant to aid the purpose, the job only gets easier. Make sure that you select the right product or suite, because that determines how smoothly you can find details you are looking for. Microbilt has managed to come up with a list of products that are ideal for skip tracing, and they also have tools for simplified identity verification. Microbilt stands out for its customer support, and the range of services that they offer for clients on a customized level. The company has an incredible website, where you can find in-depth reviews of their products, and can also check sample reports, to know how each skip tracing tool works.

Final word

Microbilt has created a perfect system that eases skip tracing at all levels. Make sure that you check their website to know more on how they can help debt collection agencies, skip tracers, process servers, and creditors in finding details of people and businesses that have been defaulting on payments. Skip tracing is legal in the US and can be used for various reasons. While many people use skip tracing in replacement of bounty hunting, but these are different terms. Bounty hunters may use skip tracing, but both are not the same. If you want to know more on how skip tracing works, please check Microbilt’s website for details and seek demo if needed.

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