Key Concerns on the Use of Cloud-Based Surveillance Security Systems

The benefits of cloud-based surveillance systems have led to their increased usage and popularity. The fact that it offers security and safety services at a minimal cost, with a wide range of utilities, enough storage, and remote operation has led many businesses to be interested in the system. Businesses and property owners can now discover the benefits of using cloud-based video surveillance as its applications steadily surge and become more notable with time.

Many people view the data storage by the surveillance systems as unsafe since they are uploaded to the cloud. The concerns on the location of the stored data and evidence are sensitive, and crucial data collected from the premises. Most users have a view that the system does not offer tangible security to their information. It is however satisfying to know that all the collected information is stored in a very secure data center that is managed by federal security rules. Rules are governing the private data collected with even more advanced protective measures to the system’s users. Additionally, the system is less prone to cyber-attacks and breaches by unauthorized persons. Security protocols can also be implemented to govern the access to stored data and a secured connection employed on the cloud network connection with the camera.

The surveillance system does not require the involvement of a monitoring squad or surveillance team. The owners who cannot afford additional services from other people can control and monitor the system remotely. This makes them more confident since they can access any recordings that are crucial and handle situations that require evidence. The storage retention and video resolution make it easier for the managers to access any critical information without the need to adjust any hardware.

 Organizations should consider the critical factors before choosing to install a cloud-based surveillance system in the property for security and safety measures. The prime drivers are key considerations for both the business case perspective and the technology used. Some of the top five things a company should research and acknowledge when deciding on whether to employ this system include:

  • Security
  • Data privacy
  • Ongoing support
  • Business intelligence potential
  • Connectivity

Other concerns that should be emphasized include:

  • The compatibility of the system with sensors and other systems such as fire management
  • The guidelines on data protection once it is uploaded to the cloud.
  • End to end encryption offers.
  • Ability to maintain the system and ensure that it adheres and complies with the GDPR by conducting audits.
  • Data processing controls
  • How the surveillance platform transforms any visual data and sensor data into actionable insights
  • Maintenance and upkeep services required by the security solution system.


Just like any other security and safety system, cloud-based surveillance technology has some concerns and considerations that need to be made before settling for its implementation within an organization. The benefits of the system can only be effective and noticed if the business fully understands how it operates and the guidelines that govern its use. The key determining factors should therefore be evaluated keenly depending on the organization’s requirements and the type of data that will be recorded.

Deno Max
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