Cool Things You Didn’t Know About a Bain Marie

A Bain Marie is a cooking technique that allows you to cook or reheat food without the use of direct heat. It can be done in an oven, microwave, on top of a stove-top pot, or even with hot water. That said, here are cool things you didn’t know about a Bain Marie:

It saves you so much time

If you are all about convenience and time saving while in the kitchen, you should consider buying a Bain Marie. You do not have to keep stirring your food, standing there watching it cook or reheating your dishes. All you need to do is pour the food into a Bain Marie and wait for it to finish cooking. It saves you time because the water bath acts as insulation that keeps on heating your dish slowly without running away all of its energy doing so.

It keeps food warm for long

You do not have to keep on warming food when you have a Bain Marie in your kitchen. The Bain Marie will keep your food warm for as long as you want it to. This means if you have a party and need the Bain Marie on so that people can eat at any time of the day, or night even; there is no problem with waiting around because your dish will stay hot until whenever you remove it from the water bath.

It reduces food wastage

How many times do you find yourself pouring food because it got gold or lost its taste? Well, a Bain Marie helps a great deal in reducing food wastage either in your home or commercial kitchen. The Bain Marie maintains the flavor and taste of your food because it keeps heating at a consistent temperature.

It’s more versatile than you think.

Bain Maries are extremely versatile; they are not just for vegetables and desserts. You can also use them for cooking or heating the sauce, gravy or any other condiment that you want to keep warm for an extended period without affecting its quality. You can also use this technique when preparing cheese fondue. If you are unsure how long to dip the bread into the hot oil before serving, placing each piece under a broiler works perfectly well. Another way of using this popular kitchen appliance is by making melted chocolate since it requires to be kept at a constant temperature of 45 degrees Celsius or less.

You can cook in batches

Let’s be honest, most of us hate spending a lot of time cooking different dishes using different appliances. Well, the good news is that with a Bain Marie, you can cook everything in batches. You might want to prepare a delicious beef bourguignon, but you only have an hour for this activity? Just fill the pot with water and vegetables and keep it on low heat until done before adding the meat to cook again.

Buying a Bain Marie is a good investment to have in your kitchen. You will get to save time, money and effort by cooking different dishes at the same time using this appliance.

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