An Insight Into COM Express Type 10

COM Express Type 10 has emerged as one of the most versatile and scalable COM standards. It supports small-scale applications to cost-sensitive ones, and even high-end graphics and computing-intensive solutions. As the name suggests, com express 10 is a type of Computer on Module system on an SoC chip. Moreover, it consists of a single circuit board that includes processors and RAM. COM Express has been in the market for a while with the motive of standardizing module interfaces.

The working mechanism of COM Express

COM Express functions in collaboration with another board known as carrier board also referred to as a baseboard. The board features the entire I/O along with other controllers that might be required to be incorporated on the COM Express. The carrier board also features a slot that the COM Express Type 10 plugs. The baseboard or a carrier board doesn’t feature a processor, thereby coupled with COM Express, there is a complete motherboard ready to function.

One of the prime issues with the baseboard is designing of the processor and chipsets in the motherboard. The presence of Com Express helps one to design a customized motherboard without worrying about processors, and chipsets. By simply designing a carrier board supported by COM Express, one can create a board with a wide array of different controllers, and I/O.

Faster speeding time to the market

The concept of Computer on Module can simplify the customized computer board design. This is done by combining the functionality of video, memory, processing, USB functionality, Ethernet, etc., in a small, yet a highly-integrated module. The com express 10 modules incorporate a baseboard that offers application-centered I/O as well as external connectors. Thus, eliminating the risks and time related to personalized processor design and also speeding time to the market. Furthermore, the COM Express Type 10 infrastructure offers the freedom to match the I/O system and their mechanical demands 100%. This helps in providing an efficient and simple upgrade for core processing functions that are ever-changing. Thus, one can expect an extended and useful cycle of the system.

Versatile and adaptable

Versatility is one of the vital roles in the immense popularity of COM Express. It can be used as an independent circuit board, and also acts as an effective intermediary, plugged into a current carrier board. This helps to enhance potential, continuity, and performance, which is useful in lowering the cost.

 The high-end modules supported by top-notch processors can be modified into a demanding functional environment like aerospace, military, railways, and other industries. Thanks to their reliable and adaptable characteristics COM Express can be utilized in extreme temperatures ranging from -40oC to +900C.  strong and temperature-resistant COM Express modules seem to be highly popular.


The com express 10 is designed as an industry-standard module with the focus on targeting the applications that demand extremely small form factors. The high-speed, and high-performance Com Express Type 10 is compatible with high bandwidth and connectivity applications, like video surveillance, data centers, and a plethora of communication and multimedia applications.

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